The best, most advanced, cutting edge treatment options available designed to reduce pain, speed healing, and increase your quality of life.

The Science

Every action in every cell is directly driven by the interaction of positively and negatively charged molecules.

Our cutting-edge technology works at the molecular level to increase cellular function, reduce pain, and speed healing.

Bodies are like pianos

They might still function when they’re out of tune, but the song won’t sound right.
The more out of tune they get, the harder it is to recognize the song. Our technology will get your body playing in tune and on time.


Every process in our body is the result of trillions of tiny choreographed molecular movements.
Over time, due to accidents, illnesses, and injuries our tissues can get “out-of-step” at the molecular level.

The Magnesphere immerses you in extremely low-level, highly-specific electromagnetic frequencies to remind your body what normal is. This enables your body to get back in sync, naturally.

Chemical anti-inflammatories can inhibit the healing process by slowing down the
body’s natural nutrient supply chain to the sight of injury.

We’ll help you quickly and effectively reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness all while speeding healing.


Therapeutic lasers deliver red and near infrared light energy to injured cells.
This increases cellular functioning, facilitates faster healing and reduces inflammation, swelling, stiffness, muscle spasms, and pain.

K-Laser is a Class IV Therapeutic Laser and one of the most powerful therapeutic lasers available. It is used to successfully treat a wide range of conditions.

Your body already knows how to heal.

We will help you heal faster.