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Massage & Rehab

Addressing soft tissue conditions to speed healing, build strength, increase performance and maximize results.

Massage Therapy

When treating acute conditions, recent injuries, and edema (swelling), standard “massage” is often where we start. This work generally feels good, is performed over broad regions of the body, and is relaxing as well as beneficial.
This work is performed by one of our outstanding Licensed Massage Therapists.

Techniques Used In The Clinic:

  • Cupping
  • Graston
  • SOT Blocking
  • Mechanical Traction
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Structural Relief Therapy
  • PNF Stretching
  • Pin & Stretch
  • E-Stim
  • Class IV Laser

Manual Therapy

Once initial swelling has been relieved and you’ve got some movement back, Manual Therapy is usually in order. Manual Therapy is what’s often thought of as Deep Tissue Massage. It involves more advanced techniques and, as the generic name implies, deeper, more thorough tissue work.

Manual Therapy may or may not “feel good” like Massage Therapy. This work is intended to increase range of motion, break up scar tissue/adhesions, and restore proper function to the body. It is focused on a specific area of complaint. You may feel tender, or sore for a couple of days after receiving Manual Therapy.

What our patients have to say:

Dr. Colby’s knowledge with sports related injuries rounds out his chiropractic knowledge nicely. He’s friendly and gentle and unhurried. Peggy is fabuouls. Always a great massage. The rest of the starr are friendly and helpful, as well. I recommend these guys to everyone!!

Clara D.

I have had an amazing experience here at Midtown, I can honestly say that through every visit I noticed improvement and to top that off I no longer wake up and go to bed with the same pain in my back!! Truly grateful to have found Midtown Chiropractic.

Korey S.

Immediately following my automobile accident in September, I was restricted in my activity level. I was experiencing stiffness, pain and tingling in my back, neck and hands. With the subsequent chiropractic adjustments, massages and acupuncture, my activity level has improved dramatically. Any stiffness, pain or tingling is now sporadic and minimal in duration. Thank you for your attention to detail and personal care.

Tommie B.

On October 8, 2015, when I bent down to pet my dog, a terrible twinge shot across my back leaving me in basically immobilized. I made an appointment with Dr. Smith the following day. My concern was that I was to leave on a two week vacation in six days. Not only did he help with my intense back pain, but I took my trip and was able to enjoy it far more than I ever felt possible. Since returning and following up with the recommended adjustments and exercises, I feel my back is continuing to improve.

Kim G.

Following are success items to date:

  • Thorough education and explanation of body mechanics causing the problems and treatment target objectives.
  • Adjustments are effective and have noticed progressive improvements.
  • Massages are focused and effective.
  • Increased awareness of cause, effect of activities.

·         Stretch and strength exercises are great for me to do. ‘Home improvements’

Chris H.

I am able to do daily activities with little or no pain, have regained mobility, and have actually been taken off high blood pressure medicine. The care I have received has given me back a more active lifestyle.

William T.

Since I first started treatment, my overall pain level has decreased by at least 50%. I feel better than I have in years! And it is lasting longer as we progress.

Cyril R.

Since coming to appointments I have been feeling so much better. I have been able to do things I have not in a long time with continued visits I expect great things.

Randall E.

In four weeks of treatment I am experiencing relief. My job requires me to drive, sit, type and write for extended periods of time. Dr. Colby Smith has helped my day to day tasks become doable with less pain

Amy M.

I have been more cognizant of my own physical structure. Prior, I often allowed stress to build in my body without self-awareness of why I wasn’t feeling great. Now, I am picking up on what my body is telling me earlier on. I have been able to utilize stretches, exercises and other forms of self-care more effectively recently.

Lakota H.

I have been able to do light exercises whereas before I was hindered for 5 weeks. There has always been a care of what state of recovery I was in and taking proper precautions to ensure a fast recovery.

Andrew C.

I feel like I am able to move more freely than I was before. I have also been sleeping better.

Andrea M.

Focusing on my well-being has improved how I take care of myself and make changes in everyday activities. The care that I am receiving has been holistic and active. The stretches, adjustment and massage has helped me come more aware of my stress level, posture and care; I can modality throughout the day. Moving in the right direction.

Laura B.

My pain has stopped somewhat. I’m able to sit and stand without a lot of pain. My daily activities have improved.  The care plan that I am on has helped my symptoms.

Christine C.

My success story is the education that I get with my sessions of chiropractic or massage. I have learned more about the spine and certain muscles in my body than when I had high school! But I am really happy that my right shoulder has not gotten an episode for a while. Thank you!! 🙂

Katie F.

I came to get evaluated at Midtown Chiropractic more as a preventative measure than anything. I had pain from my desk job that is now almost completely under control thanks to the myotherapy and doctor visits. I’ve been given indispensable tools to care for my back and prevent worse damage from happening later in life. I’m very grateful for the staff taking the time to make sure I understood everything. Thank you!

Julie G.

I sought relief for lower back and hip pain which I attributed to changes from knee ACL reconstruction a decade ago. Dr. Smith developed a treatment plan to help rotate the hip and leg of the ‘surgery knee’ and also to address limited neck rotation from a car accident 20+ years ago. After only a few treatments, my lower back and hip pain were greatly subdued. My neck feels much better and the tension always on the left side of the neck and trapezoid is diminished. The massages were much more than relaxation and were targeted and therapeutic to compliment the manipulation and stretches. – Love those Peggy!

Sandra H.

I had chronic hip pain for about 5 years. Dr. Colby worked with me and gave me exercises to do. He also spent time discussing how different parts of the body work together. The fee exercises have been especially helpful. I began treatment here in May and have had almost no pain for about 2 months.

Anonymous 12/30/15

Feeling 100% better! I wish I would have investigated chiropractic care instead of waiting for as long as I did, in pain. The treatments, the massages, the instruction for maintaining my care (exercises, ect.) were all very helpful. The quick response to my need to see a doctor was much appreciated!

Christina S.

Came in and was having a lot of pain in my lower back (gluts) and right hip. Associated pain in knees (both) and feet. Now pain in hip and back have decreased extensively along with pain in knees and feet. I am now running mostly pain free and much looser than I have in years.

Art C.

I did some research about laser treatment after no relief of pain from rib injury with pain meds and acupuncture. I chose K-laser treatment after more research. After my first treatment I had no pain for hours. After 2-3 treatments the pain only returns after I really overdo it or lay on my ribs. The pain subsides after a short period and I’m pain free again. I am so happy so now I have started treatment on an old shoulder injury and am having great results with that as well. I would recommend to anyone that has chronic pain to try this K-laser treatment specifically at this office, really wonderful doc and staff.

Ethann O.

The care I have been receiving from Midtown Chiropractic has been very beneficial. I have noticed and have had increased energy levels. Levels were much less due to nature of my ailment. I have also noticed clearer thought progress, my thought processes have become clearer, additionally, I have less ‘bad days’ of pain with increased intervals between these days. I recommend chiropractic care for better living.

Dwight L.

Much less pain and complications in right shoulder and less pain with migraines, less sciatic issues.

Shannon K.

I am able to sleep better now because the pain in my neck and shoulders have decreased. Thank you!

Michelle P.

First time I came, I was hurting up to an 8/10 fairly regularly. I was missing work and taking 1-2 Valium/Flexural plus Ibuprofen and Tylenol, and sometimes Norco. I’ve been able to cut the narcotic meds in half and haven’t actually had any ‘hard’ meds in over 24 hours. Just worked a 13 hour shift. I am in a better mood. It was so bad I was yelling at my young son, husband, and co-workers. I’m so excited that, just in time for Christmas, I’m in lower more tolerable pain and I won’t be groggy from drugs for Christmas. Thank you.


Used to be in slight constant pain, especially when sitting. Pain very minimal now.

Jessie E.

I would say I’m am 70% better compared from my first session. My right shoulder is not giving me pain especially at night when I go to sleep. It that used to wake me up because of the sharp pain. My back also is much better. It used to be painful when I laid down and got up in the morning.

Sonia T.

-Stretches and techniques to utilize when I am feeling sore and to incorporate daily.

-A better understanding and appreciation for my body.

-The sense of well-being and alleviation from pain that I was hoping to achieve.

Jazmine M.

Decreased sciatica pain! Increased core strength. Increased hip flexor ROM and stability. Eliminated right shoulder pain with stretching, manipulation, and KT tape! Gained priceless education!


I came to Midtown Chiropractic in the spring of 2017 having sporadic pain in my rib cage when taking deep breaths, as well as fatigue in my lower back and neck. Thanks to Dr. Colby’s adjustments I have made great progress and don’t feel the pain in my ribs hardly at all anymore! The pain in my neck and back have also regressed as well, with great massages done by Andrea and Peggy. I’m grateful for the expertise and persistence displayed by everyone.

Michael H.

My experience with Midtown Chiropractic has been very pleasant. Staff are great from front to back office, friendly yet professional. Not once did they make me uncomfortable. When I initially made my appointment, my intent was just to get a massage. After my evaluation visit, Dr. Colby pointed out some of the problems that cause pain in my body. I started coming to my appointments and realized how helpful my visits with Dr. Colby and Peggy were. I definitely recommend Midtown Chiropractic to family and friends. Thank you all!

Liezel B.

I began coming in because of a long-standing issue with my neck and shoulder that caused frequent headaches and discomfort, and occasionally, intense neck pain that would limit my ability for day-to-day activity. Dr. Colby immediately started me on a care plan of regular adjustments and massage and I noticed improvement after the first couple visits. The tension I hadn’t even realized I was carrying in my neck went almost completely away (by the end of treatment I wasn’t feeling it hardly at all) and my headaches went from being daily occurrences to maybe one or two a week. And most days when I do get headaches, a round or two of the stretches I was given usually helps. Since beginning care at Midtown Chiropractic, I have not had any serious/debilitating flare ups, either.

Kasey J.

When I first started coming to Midtown Chiropractic, I was constantly dealing with headaches and back pain, also a tingling sensation in my foot when I stood up after sitting for long periods of time. I also strained my back even more after improperly lifting furniture.  After a few weeks of coming here to get massages and see the doctor to get adjusted, all of my back pain, headaches, and foot tingling have disappeared. My body is at the best it’s felt in a long time, and with continuing my exercises and stretching I’m certain I will be reaching my peak very soon. Thank you Midtown Chiropractic!

Charles S.

Dr. Colby and Peggy Webb have helped my knee and shoulder get back in shape! The constant discomfort in my knee has improved greatly and my shoulder is on its way. I really appreciate the personal and professional way the Midtown Chiropractic clinic has handled my care.

Heather A.
  1. Pain in my feet due to plantar fasciitis : Current Results- can get up in the morning without pain and work on my feet for ten hours without heel pain.
  2. Pain in lower calves: Current Results – calves no longer sore to the touch.
  3. HIp socket pain when walking: Current Results- No pain in hip joint when walking.
Allen K.

I came into Midtown Chiropractic battling a knee/quad injury that almost took me out of running for a long time. The pain was enough to change my form and make me compensate each step. I thought all hope was lost, but NO! Within the first couple weeks most of the pain had subsided and I was back to running again. I am now 100% pain free and feeling stronger than I ever have! My running improvements have skyrocketed! So, so happy.

Amy J. - UAA Athlete

My first visit to Midtown Chiropractic was for a displaced hip/sacrum which I had as a result of an untimely fall. After several visits with Dr. Smith, my hip injury was resolved with no pain or discomfort. As a dedicated athlete and runner, getting back to my training routine was of utmost importance and Dr. Smith fully understood my perspective. In addition to resolving the hip/sacrum injury, Dr. Smith and I have decided to progress with Graston therapy on some old injuries which were the result of a car accident. Immediately I could tell the Graston therapy was improving my range of motion in those problem areas. I would and have recommended Midtown Chiropractic to friends and colleagues.

David A.

Never had been to a chiropractor before but had a good experience. Realigned my hip and now I walk much better, have less numbness, more circulation flowing in my feet again, not cold, and feeling that I am getting stronger. Carpal tunnel in my hands would lock and stay locked for 30 minutes to an hour but the neck adjustments are improving mobility and now there is no locking. There is still pain but there is a big difference. My migraines are down to only 1-2 a month compared to the 6 times a month that I used to have. Vertigo and TMJ adjustments improving gradually. Back getting better but still has its days and acts up but much better compared to the constant pain I used to experience.

Lawrence R.

My right knee is almost a hundred percent pain free after just a few months of therapy.

Pedro L.

Came in with constant pain and lower right leg ‘tingly’ sensations. Now, pain is usually only when I overdo some kind of lifting and the leg doesn’t go tingly as often. It appears I will need long term (lifetime) maintenance to keep my condition stable.

Kenneth T.

From the hips, I have less pain, although I’m still not totally pain free because I feel weak from my hips. Certain movements can cause mild pain and I feel weak still. My right knee is still causing pain but not as much as when I started treatment with Dr. Smith. I am positive that continued treatment will bring my strength back. I am much better now after Doctor Smith’s treatment, compared to my first time I came to this office.

Eva A.

Both the chiropractic care and the focused massage therapy have helped me regain use of my left arm and shoulder. While the healing is far from complete, I now have more hope for a full recovery than I’ve had in the last year.


It’s been about a year since I went a day without my feet aching by the end. It is so nice to be able to stay on my feet all day again. Every area of focus has improved: feet, left hip/leg, back & neck.

Melanie A.

Diagnosed right hip pain and through adjustments, massage and given exercises was able to see a significant improvement with probable pain free future.

Mike Y.

I had an excellent first experience with chiropractic visits tied to my pregnancy and scoliosis of 15 years. Thanks to the wonderful chiropractic care here in the lead up to birth of my first child and directly after along with the relaxin pregnancy hormones which loosen up vertebrae my spine realigned afterward without any of the additional twisting around the scoliosis and I now no longer have any protruding vertebrae in the spine from a previous car accident, there is no hump on the left side of my back, and the spine in general goes inwards instead of bulging uncomfortably outwards. I greatly appreciate the expert chiropractic care I received here which definitely contributed to this miracle of reversing years of spinal damage as well as loosening up vertebrae so my nerves and back tissue are less inflamed in general. I would highly recommend Midtown Chiropractic and appreciate the difference this treatment with Dr. Colby has made.

Rebecca S.

My neck and back feel great. I was living with pain for a long time not knowing something was wrong. Learning more about my body from coming here was great and has me more informed with myself. Now I need to focus on strengthening my knees.

Tramel R.

Since visiting, the majority of my lower back pain has gone away. Recovery from doing physical labor has become much quicker and when I get up in the middle of the night to check on the kids my back does not make me hobble down the hall.

Brian D.

I feel good!

Mhejoy C.

Headaches gone! Back pain gone! Unfortunately, didn’t get to finish treatment because I moved out of state but it is so worth it. Dr. Colby is very nice, personable, very easy to talk to, and friendly/professional.

Victor P.

Feeling stronger and have less pain since getting treatment from the ‘Doc’ and Peggy. Thank you!

Mary C., Your Content Goes Here

I came in for a pain in my upper back that was the result of a fall on the ice. The pain in my upper back is almost unnoticeable now. My neck has been much looser and pain free since I started coming in. I thought that was just how it was supposed to feel, but it is so great now that it isn’t stiff constantly. Overall, my entire back feels much better since I started.


When I started coming here, I was in pain most of the time. I wanted to just go to bed to sleep and try to relieve pain (mostly in my legs, knees, and feet). I am not feeling the constant pain anymore. I was getting sciatic pain almost constant down both legs. I haven’t had any sciatica pain in at least two months. I am feeling much better most of the time. I have so much more movement in my neck as well. I feel ready to start getting into a more regular exercise program and start training to do some runs with my daughter this summer. Things are looking up and I can be in a more active lifestyle as I want and need to be.

Arlynda H.

Prior to starting care routine, flying on a plane for trips cause severe pain and discomfort. I recently took a ten hour total flight with minimal discomfort. Arrived at my vacation and was ready to have a good- pain free time.

Lesley P.

Making a commitment to come in weekly for a couple of months and then tapering down to bi-weekly worked so well for me. Andrea and Dr. Colby worked well as a “team” to bring me back to great health. Low back and pelvic pain gone. Flexibility in my upper back and shoulders again. I feel like I have my life back!

Victoria N.

I am glad Midtown Chiropractic went to do an event at work, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to feel a lot better! I was used to headaches and stiffness, thinking it was related to stress. I have learned many thing about my body through my sessions. I no longer have headaches and less stiffness. Immediately, I have more energy and able to sleep better. Thank you!


I must say, I am relieved that I’m pain free. Compared from the start that I was having pain in my back and right shoulder. Didn’t think of being seen by chiropractic. I finished my twenty one sessions with Dr. Colby.  I’m glad I made the decision to make the sessions.

Sonia T.

My experience with Dr. Colby Smith was excellent. I had been in so much pain in my entire and back unable to walk, it was an awful moment. After trying so many other chiropractors in Anchorage and Seattle, Dr. Colby’s rehab was the best one I’ve experienced. I no longer have back, neck, and other leg pain and I can go back to my daily exercise routine. Highly recommend Dr. Colby to all my friends in Alaska.

Diana A.

I had been dealing with some neck issues for quite some time since doing some rock climbing. I had seen two other chiropractors who adjusted me and helped, but since visiting with Colby Smith, who did much better at evaluating my situation and recommending a plan of action, the pain in my neck has greatly reduced. I have much better mobility in my neck as well and am very happy with the benefits I have enjoyed since beginning to visit Colby.

T. Lee Harmon

When I started chiropractic care, my lower back and hip were unbearable. My quality of life was less, due to the pain. Now, after eleven visits, I am able to walk the dog and accomplish most things I had before. It has definitely helped me start to get back to an overall wellness.

Amy C.

I originally came to see Dr. Colby for a new neck injury and an old back injury. Due to neck pain I was unable to sleep in certain positions and daily activities were difficult. My back pain had been going on for three years so I considered myself to have chronic back pain at only 25. I thought I was doomed. After seeing Dr. Colby for almost a month, my neck pain has almost completely disappeared and I can carry out my day pain free. Because my back pain had continued on for three years, I’m sad to say I got used to it and considered myself lucky if it was only a 2 or 3 on a pain scale. So after my visits with Dr. Colby, I’m taking notice to my pain free days more and more. I’m looking forward to the day I can say I’m 100% again, which I now know is possible.

Mikayla M.

No neck pain or headaches after completing my treatment. Overall, I feel much better.

C. Layne

Since I have started coming here, my neck tension and pain have decreased. I am able to go about my day without any neck pain. My posture has also started to increase with ease.

Olivia M.

Since I have been coming here my back, legs, and arms have been doing a lot better. I can move better and now I have the tools to keep my body healthier with the exercises they have given me. I have a better understanding of my body and how it works. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and all you’ve taught me.

Karen W.

I often experienced some major discomfort in my lower back, often after lifting heavy objects at my work. Over the course of my visits I have seen my lower back pain disappear along with drastic improvements in posture.

Noa O.

I have felt better and have more energy and can stretch further than I did when I first came. My back is feeling a lot better. They are very thorough here, polite and professional. Thank you so much for fixing my bad ‘Kinks’ and back.

Karen W.

Since moving to Alaska I needed to be seen by a local chiropractor. The Alaska V.A. made an appointment for me with Midtown Chiropractic. The staff has been great and Doc has always listened to my concerns and needs for adjustments. Since coming to Midtown, my back has loosened up a bit and has felt pretty good. I will always need chiropractic adjustments due to an early injury. Midtown has been great and I will continue to see them while in Alaska.

Tony N.

My mid and lower back were in pretty constant pain, which the chiropractic treatments relieved and with repeated visits we’ve been able to stabilize the area to keep the pain down. I’m sure that more work with the full treatment plan would have shown lasting success but I had to leave early!

Heidi H.

I came to Midtown Chiropractic with back pain of an 8/10 of my lower and upper areas. The pain was frequent and interfered with my daily activities. I would stop what I was doing just to rest and rub my back and try to give myself a massage or pop my back just to relieve the discomfort I was in. Dr. Smith on day one, found the points on my back that were bugging me and showed me exercises that were simple to do yet very effective for what my back needed to build strength. My back was soon relieved of the pain. Now, to this day, my pain is only a 2/10 which is extremely tolerable.

Kristina V.

I can drive long road trips and not have any back pain which never happened before.

Luke B.

Midtown Chiropractic is the only place I will receive treatments for any back or neck pains. The staff is very friendly, enjoy the friendly reminders of my appointments.

Diana C.

If I were to point out some very direct and noticeable gains from my therapy here, I would have to say first, that my general comfort is at an all time high. The range of motion in my neck and back has drastically improved along with much more endurance for monotonous activity. Even high stress physical activity seems to cause less discomfort. While still experiencing minor discomfort after consecutive days of activity, all-together the “buzz” of back pain that typically accompanies me through my day has all but completely vanished.

Nicholas H.

When I first came in I was plagued by pain across my whole back and neck due to moving into a new place and having a terrible and temporary work station. I’ve also always had bad posture which didn’t help. Now my posture is better, my back pain is nonexistent and I only suffer from occasional neck/should pain due to the amount of time I spend on the computer. The home exercises and tips I was given were just as beneficial and important to the improvement to my quality of life.

Kelly G.

Dr. Colby and Peggy were able to resolve multiple issues that I had been experiencing for a few years. There were wide ranging issues, from a numbness in my arm to headaches that would occur almost daily. I appreciate that they took the time to focus on the specific areas and did not give a one-size-fits-all solution. I highly recommend Midtown Chiropractic.

Jamie T.

Before coming in, my knees and back would always hurt right after workouts or games, but since coming to see the chiropractor my whole body feels brand new. Probably here and there I would feel the pain again but it would always go away right after and it wasn’t as bad as before. My experience here has been wonderful, the staff here are also a delight to talk to. I would recommend others to Midtown and I will. I also had a free massage here and it was really relaxing.

Celeste F.

-Lower back: feels great, no left side pain for a couple weeks.

-Knees: notice that the outside has a lot less pain

-Side of foot: little toe hardly gives me issues

-Massages: Helps tension in shoulders, leg swelling is less (left leg)

Best thing: Golf game has improved 🙂

Shawn A.

Exercise Therapy

No amount of Massage Therapy, Manual Therapy, or Chiropractic adjustments will provide you lasting results if you do not retrain your muscles to work properly.

Dr. Colby builds Exercise Therapy into virtually every care plan. These exercises are specific and intended to target and train, or retrain, proper neuromuscular patterns so that you function better, feel better, and reduce recurrences of pain or injury.

These exercises are done with one of our Licensed Massage Therapists or trained Chiropractic Assistant under the direction of Dr. Colby, or by Dr. Colby himself.

Einstein was right.

If you want different results, first, you must do something different!
Adjust your perspective, Stretch your limits, Break old habits and Teach your body a better way to function;

Perform the way you want.