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With Dr. Colby’s 10+ years of clinical experience, including sports injury management and rehab, we have designed the perfect exercise program to building a strong core foundation for confident movement while minimizing the aches and pains. Class sizes are small, which ensures you get the personalized attention you need to be safe, effective and have fun!

Classes we offer:

Samantha’s Gentle Yoga class is a Vinyasa Flow based approach, built for yogis of all ability and experience. This is an extremely accessible class meant for anyone seeking greater inner peace, empowerment, and focus.

This class is geared to help you safely lose weight while improving your strength and endurance. Warm ups include dynamic stretching and calisthenics. Finish out the first half of the class with corrective strategies used to rehab common spine and sports injuries. You’ll reinforce these optimized patterns with strength training and finish strong with conditioning. Our goal is to get you moving pain free, shed unwanted fat, and feeling good! For more info on the benefits of this class, CLICK HERE.
*Pre-requisite: Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

This one-off class is will teach you how to use a foam roller so that you can incorporate it at home or as part of your pre-existing fitness routine. Foam Rolling is a form of self-myofacial release which benefits include: increased blood flow, the breakdown of scar tissue, reduced pain, and increased range of motion. Classes are 30 minutes due to the intensity of being a first time roller.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) identifies which of your movement patterns need to be improved in order to protect you from injury, and allow you to reach your full potential. FMS is a pre-requisite for our Functional Training exercise class, so we are offering free screens on Fridays to determine if you are physically ready for the class. For more info Click Here

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6 Months – $239/month
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  • Flexible scheduling

  • FMS to track progress

  • Work closely with a Personal Trainer

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Why functional training?

Train Smart
Exercises used in our Functional Training class translate better to everyday activity.  While you can see improvements and feel good with just increasing your cardio levels and lifting weight, there are smarter ways to train depending on your goals.  This is why sports specific training is so popular.  But you’re not an athlete, you say?  Sure you are, we just have to define your game!  Typically, it is your everyday life and favorite activities.  We can train for better performance in these areas to become more effective and prepared for what life throws your way.

Train Safe
Exercise should be more than just breaking a sweat and getting tired.  Typical programs just focus on getting your heart rate up or lifting heavy weight to stimulate the desired growth in the body. However, without correct motor patterns, doing those exercises can increase your chance of injury.  It is important to train the correct motor patterns to avoid injury and reach your goals safely. Think of functional training like the software for your computer; the brain coordinates and controls our joints and muscles in patterns for optimal movements when performing tasks.  The best athletes aren’t the biggest, strongest ones – but the ones with the best motor control.  Think of Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky…exactly!

     Some common indicators of altered motor patterns:

    • Balance issues or loss of coordination.
    • Chronic tight hamstrings and hip flexors.
    • Frequent cramping or muscle weakness with certain motions.
    • One side of the body or limb significantly stronger than the other.
    • Massaging, stretching or exercising the same areas with only temporary gains.

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