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Live pain-free, move better, and achieve your goals.

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Living with pain can make daily tasks more difficult, strain relationships, and prevent living life to the fullest.  Many healthcare options can be expensive, frustrating, or merely temporary.

Here at Midtown Chiropractic, helping you alleviate your painful symptoms is only the first part of our goal. The second, and more important part, is to empower you to take control of your own health for more permanent results.  We do this through education, rehab and physical training.  We understand you want to be able to do the things you love and we want to give you the tools to get there.

What can we do for you?

Freedom from Pain

We will work to get you out of pain as fast as possible whether it’s a new injury or an ongoing condition.

Avoid Relapse or Re-injury

The number one risk factor for injury is…previous injury!  Our goal is to prevent the vicious cycle of chronic pain and aggravations from ever starting or help you better manage a chronic condition while still doing the things you love.

Improve Performance

Improved biomechanics leads to better energy efficiency with less wear and tear on your body during activity. You’ll accomplish more and feel the difference!


Practicing Chiropractor
since 2007

Certified Chiropractic
Sports Physician

Functional Movement Screen
(FMS) Certified Administrator

Certified Functional
Strength Coach


“I had been in so much pain in my entire back and unable to walk, it was an awful moment.

After trying so many other chiropractors in Anchorage and Seattle, Dr. Colby’s rehab was the best one I’ve experienced. I no longer have back, neck, and other leg pain and I can go back to my daily exercise routine. Highly recommend Dr. Colby to all my friends in Alaska.”-Diana A.

“Right after the accident, I was in so much pain in my body, especially in my back.

After several visits to my chiropractor, I gained my strength again and the pain was gone. Now I am 100% okay, thanks to you guys for that.” – Elena D.

“When I came in, I could barely complete daily activities because of back pain.

I can now work, hunt, and hike with my family with no back pain.” –Jason S.

“I came into Midtown Chiropractic battling a knee/quad injury that almost took me out of running for a long time. The pain was enough to change my form and make me compensate each step. I thought all hope was lost, but NO!

Within the first couple weeks most of the pain had subsided and I was back to running again. I am now 100% pain free and feeling stronger than I ever have! My running improvements have skyrocketed! So, so happy. J” – Amy J.

Services we provide. 


Massage & Manual Therapy

Concussion Return to Play Protocol

K-Laser Therapy

Magnesphere EMF Therapy

Sports Injury & Rehabilitation

Graston & Soft Tissue Manipulation

FMS & Functional Training Classes

An initial consult will determine which are most appropriate for you.

Steps to meeting your goals

1. Call to Schedule

With a thorough consultation and exam, we can determine your unique needs based on your goals.

2. Recommendations

Dr. Colby will lay out his recommendations for your care, along with a financial breakdown. (We want you to be surprised by how good you feel, not by bills in the mail).

3. Persevere

We will give you the tools to get where you want to be. It is up to you to have the drive to get there.

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      “My experience with my own knee injury, from high school basketball, is what initially set me down this career path.  I saw specialists, physical therapists and even a chiropractor, but nothing had lasting results. After a while I was referred to a DC with an emphasis in sports injury management who explained the biomechanics of the leg and how flat feet and hip weakness can make the knee more vulnerable to injury.  I was fascinated! With his help, I was able to get back to playing sports again. This led me down the path of becoming a chiropractor with emphasis in sports medicine, as the procedures and training programs have proven to be effective in competitions all over the world.
My goal is to provide my local community with these same protocols for injury treatment & management and to guide patients back to physical activity without getting stuck in repetitive, chronic pain conditions – because we are all athletes in this game of life!” – Dr. Colby Smith

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Living with pain or relying on medications don’t have to be the only options.  See for yourself what other possibilities are available by coming in for a thorough consultation and exam, you will likely be surprised!  Some conditions may not be 100% fixable, however, we have been able to help those facing these chronic conditions improve various aspects of their lives.